Vestergaard wins significant projects

October 8, 2013

Vestergaard is proud to announce several new, prominent contracts for the Elephant ® BETA:



Aéro MAG 2000 – who is already working with Vestergaard in a number of North American airports – has won the contract for all deicing for United Airlines in Newark. The first Elephant® BETA vehicles will be delivered in 2013.


Rome Fiumicino

After a tender process, Rome Fiumicino Airport Authorities have chosen Vestergaard as their new supplier of deicing vehicles. A fleet of Elephant ® BETA’s will be in place over the next 6 months.


London Heathrow

Aéro MAG 2000 is also setting up an operation in London Heathrow and has chosen to launch operations with Elephant ® BETA and Elephant ® BETA15 vehicles. Aéro MAG 2000 is merging operations with RG Aircraft Services and will be one of 9 operators at London Heathrow.
Paris Orly

Groupe3S/Alyzia will now operate a fleet of new Elephant ® BETA’s at their operation in Paris Orly. Groupe3S/Alyzia has a number of clients, the largest being easyJet. Groupe3S/Alyzia will operate alongside ADP, who already has a number of Elephant ® BETA’s at Paris Orly.



Beijing Capital International Airport Group has taken delivery of the first couple of a series of Elephant ® BETAs to cope with increased traffic and to speed up operations by starting operations with running engines.

For more information please contact sales manager Lars Barsøe +45 4041 0334

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