Vestergaard to supply an ADF Type I Pre Mixer to Kelowna Airport

October 10, 2013

Vestergaard is pleased to announce the Kelowna Airport issuing a contract to supply an ADF Type I Pre Mixer for the coming season.

The Pre mixer will allow the airlines and service providers to purchase concentrated Type I fluid and blend to the required temperature. The Pre mixer will have a significant impact on reducing the cost of Type I fluid, and environmental improvement for many years to come. Vestergaard was chosen over other vendors as offering the best available technology and proven reliability at the most effective cost. The Pre Mixer uniquely offers CE and CSA approval, meeting stringent Canadian standards.

Last winter season Aéro MAG 2000 was the first service provider in Canada to install the Vestergaard Pre Mixer into the Toronto Island Airport for use by Porter Airlines.

Brock Crocker, Business Manager North American Operations for Vestergaard, is quoted as saying, “We look forward to working with our airline and service providers to supply further Pre Mixers to regional airports across Canada for significant cost and environmental improvement.”


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