Vestergaard Health project 2019: We care about our employees’ health and well-being

March 25, 2019

The employees at Vestergaard Company play an important role in ensuring that our customers have the best and sustainable ground handling solutions.

This implies that we need to have highly skilled employees where the health and well-being of the individual employee are essential.

Because we care about our employees’ health and well-being, Vestergaard Company has initiated ‘Vestergaard health project 2019’ aiming to contribute to a culture supporting a healthy lifestyle among our employees and managers.

We all know that it can be difficult to break bad habits and build up new, good habits in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. From research we know that workout together with colleagues at the workplace positively influences wellbeing and sick leave.  

That’s why ‘Vestergaard Health project 2019’ focus both on changing habits through individual coaching sessions and joint workout at the workplace with colleagues.  

For 12 weeks, employees and managers are participating in ‘Vestergaard health project 2019’, which consists of:

  • 4 individual coaching sessions
  • Joint workout twice a week at the workplace

We kickstarted ‘Vestergaard health project 2019’ with an inspiring lecture on motivation and well-being by American born health researcher, Chris MacDonald, with around 130 participants from Vestergaard Company.

Vestergaard company initiates and creates the framework to a healthy lifestyle of our employees and managers – because we care!