Vestergaard Company to present redesigned VTS at Inter Airport South East Asia

January 19, 2015

Vestergaard Company will present a new, redesigned Asian VTS at the Inter Airport South East Asia exhibition in Singapore, January 21st-23rd 2015.
The new, redesigned VTS will be produced at Vestergaard Company Ltd., based in Nongkham,Thailand.

The VTS has been redesigned to better fit the needs of the Asian market and will primarily be sold to markets that have warmer climates. The original Vestergaard VTS will – of course – also still be available for all markets.
The redesigned model will be present at Vestergaard Company’s stand A50 at the Inter Airport South East Asia exhibition, where representatives from both Vestergaard Company in Thailand and Denmark will be present to demonstrate the redesigned VTS.


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Vestergaard Company A/S designs, produces and services airport equipment based on
advanced technology. The Vestergaard product line sets the standard for quality, functionality
and durability in the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) industry, primarily supplying: Deicing
Systems,Vacuum Toilet Service systems, Water Service Systems and Aircraft Washing Systems.

The establishing of the manufacturing facilities for Vestergaard Company in Thailand started in September 2012. The team at Vestergaard Company Ltd counts 11 and consists of both local staff and representatives from Vestergaard Company in Denmark.
Vestergaard Company January 19th, 2015