Vestergaard Company to launch the Kalmar Motor TBL 100 Electric in North America

October 3, 2018

Vestergaard Company is pleased to announce the launch of the Kalmar Motor TBL 100 Electric for North America.

The TBL 100 Electric offers an aircraft range from the CRJ 200 to the Airbus 300-series all with a single cradle.

Vestergaard will be providing 24 hour technical and parts support from our office in McHenry, IL.

Kalmar Motor will be celebrating 50 years of industry leadership in 2019. The TBL 100, first released back in 1993, offers high reliability, low maintenance and ease of operation. The powershift transmission and torque converter allows for only one electric motor to offer increased efficiency. The six lead acid battery packs offer central filling and also allow for increased cooling in hot climate locations.

Vestergaard Company designs, produces and services airport equipment based on advanced technology. The Vestergaard product line sets the standard for quality, functionality and durability in the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) industry, primarily supplying: Deicing Systems,Vacuum Toilet Service systems, Water Service Systems and Aircraft Washing Systems.

Kalmar Motor AB is a company specialized in vehicles for moving aircraft. The company was established in 1969, is privately owned and is located in the city of Kalmar Sweden. Product range today include both conventional towbar tractors and towbarless (TBL) tractors with capacity of handling from regional aircraft up to wide bodies. Since January 2015, Vestergaard Company Inc. in McHenry, Illinois, USA has served as Kalmar Motor’s service partner in North America.

Vestergaard Company, October 3rd, 2018