Vestergaard Company reveals news on both DTS and de-icing simulator

October 9, 2015

New developments to always further improve existing solutions is a big part of the Vestergaard Company philosophy.

At the inter airport Europe 2015 Vestergaard are presenting two new developments that will both soon be available to customers: The DTS dashboard and the new de-icing training simulator.

The DTS (Data Transmission System) has been offered by Vestergaard for 25 years, tracking data related to deicing operations such as time, aircraft, location, fluid consumption, fluid temperatures, weather, operator, refractive index values, and truck performance.

The new Vestergaard DTS Dashboard benefits the system users by giving them an easier overview of all the data collected and making the data available in various graphs and tables.

The graphical overview of data in the DTS Dashboard provides live views of Key Performance Indicators. Managers, owners, supervisors, and other stakeholders can quickly check on the figures that they mostly want to monitor without having to ask for reports and details. The system also enables drill-down functions, so further analysis of a certain set of numbers can be made. The Dashboard can be used for easy reporting of key figures and results to various stakeholders, but also to help analyze the collected data to e.g. optimize operations and predict required maintenance and service.

The first version of the DTS Dashboard will be available as an extra feature in the existing PC-based DTS system, but an App for mobile media is planned.

The Elephant® Beta de-icing simulator is a state-of-the-art PC-based training tool. It enables operators as well as trainees to simulate most aspects of aircraft de-icing in a lifelike environment.

The new and improved software for the Vestergaard simulator now gives a real time view of what an operation would look like and the water simulation looks 100% authentic giving the trainee a perfect feel of what de-icing in an Elephant® Beta will be like.

In 2016 an option will be made available to ad Ocolus Rift virtual reality glasses to the simulator.

Demonstrations of both the DTS dashboard and the new simulator – including the Ocolus Rift virtual reality glasses – will be made at the inter airport Europe exhibition.