Vestergaard Company presents new gasoline-electrically driven VTS unit

October 12, 2017

As a further development on the ZVTS (vacuum toilet service unit), Vestergaard Company now presents the E-ZVTS.

The E-ZVTS is a gasoline-electrically driven VTS unit containing all the valued features of the ZVTS, such as the vacuum system, fast and high performing operations and with a very high level of safety for both aircraft and ground crew.

Being environmentally friendly the E-ZVTS creates less airborne particles in the congested gate environment and no exhaust filter regeneration. The gasoline-powered chassis drives a generator, which in turn drives all functions on the E-ZVTS. As there are no hydraulic pump, pressure or hoses, the unit has minimal maintenance.

Designed for warmer climates the E-ZVTS can be fitted on different standard truck chassis to fit various operations. The E-ZVTS presented at the inter airport Europe 2017 in Munich, Germany is designed for narrow body operations with Southwest Airlines and therefore no elevating platform is needed. For operations serving larger aircraft, Vestergaard can install the standard elevating platform that can reach 3 meters above ground.

”For Vestergaard Company as well as for me personally it is a milestone to be able to present a partly electrically driven ZVTS unit. Always striving to protect the environment in the best possible way while still supplying the best and most efficient GSE solutions to our customers is one of our most important goals. I feel we have taken a great next leap in this direction with the development of the E-ZVTS” says CEO with Vestergaard Company, Stefan Vestergaard.


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