Vestergaard Company celebrates its 60th anniversary

May 24, 2022

In 2022 Vestergaard Company celebrates its 60th anniversary.

Vestergaard Company was founded in 1962 by Godtfred Vestergaard, father of Stefan Vestergaard, who has been CEO of Vestergaard Company since 1996. Here in 2022, several members of the 3rd generation of the Vestergaard family are also involved with the company.

Godtfred Vestergaard was a true entrepreneur, and already as a boy, he had an abundance of extraordinary ideas. In 1969 he developed his first aircraft deicer – the so-called Beanstalk – which was sold to SAS in Copenhagen. This idea set off the development which has led to the current product range within Ground Support Equipment.

Since the Beanstalk, the Elephant® deicers have been continuously developed, and several new product types have also been added to the portfolio, including units for aircraft washing as well as units for water and toilet servicing of aircraft.

Vestergaard Company provides products and solutions in a quality league of their own. The main focus of today is sustainability. Vestergaard Company has already brought the first fully green products to the market and within the next few years the full product range will be available in sustainable versions.

In addition to the company’s 60 anniversary Vestergaard Company also celebrates the 25th anniversary of Vestergaard Company North America and the 10th anniversary of Vestergaard Company in Thailand in 2022.

The company focus remains on producing and delivering equipment that optimizes customer’s daily operations, and on ensuring that aircraft can takeoff safely and on time!