Vestergaard chosen by Menzies Aviation for new operation Copenhagen and expansion in Stockholm

October 8, 2015

Vestergaard’s Elephant® Beta de-icers have been chosen by Menzies Aviation for their new operation in Copenhagen Airport, where Menzies will be the airport’s third deicing provider. Menzies will operate on one of the remote platforms in Copenhagen and their main customer is the second-largest airline in Copenhagen, Norwegian.

“It is a whole new setup in Copenhagen, so it was important for us to invest in equipment that we can rely on to live up to both ours and our customers’ expectations”, says Miguel Gomez Sjunasson, VP Menzies Scandinavia. In Arlanda, Stockholm, Menzies have also expanded their operation with a new Elephant® Beta.

Menzies’ choice of the Elephant® Beta for their operations has been based on a desire to make the best possible investment in both safety, maximum reliability and operational efficiency combined with a desire to minimize the amount of glycol spent in deicing and reducing the impacts on the environment.

Menzies have bought two new Elephant® Beta’s for the Copenhagen Operation and one new for Stockholm. Menzies already operate Vestergaard equipment in both Gothenburg, Romania, The Czech Republic and Hungary.


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Sales Manager Lars Barsoe,