Maintenance Programme


The Vestergaard service teams

All Vestergaard units are supplied with a comprehensive maintenance guideline, listing which servicing and maintenance should be carried out at which intervals for safe and trouble-free operation. Some customers prefer to do most or all maintenance themselves, but increasingly our customers sign up for Vestergaard’s technical inspection programme (service contract), and we can offer:


  • Technical Inspection: Checking and reporting of all key functions or
  • Overhaul: More thorough check and preventive maintenance


Both can be made on an annual or biannual basis.

These work scopes or alternative specially prepared maintenance programmes are carried out on-site and our customers’ technicians are welcome – in fact even encouraged – to take part for mutual benefit.

The Vestergaard service teams are “on the road” typically between May to October, and during winter, our technicians are on stand-by and available for service calls as required.