An ethical approach

At Vestergaard Company, we constantly focus on running our business with an ethical and environmentally friendly approach. We are a family-owned company, and it is, therefore, natural to us to centre on continuity when running our business. We strive to ensure continuity to benefit future generations in the best possible way.

We are continuously working on developing our business and creating growth. These efforts, in turn, make us focus on responsible and sustainable operations, both in relation to owners and employees, but equally towards our customers and the world outside Vestergaard.

Download our sustainability report below:

0 kWh

kWh produced by our solar cell roof at the factory in the last hour

601.736 kWh

kWh produced by our solar cell roof at the factory in total since startup

81.234 kg

Total CO2 saved by our solar cell roof at the factory since startup

Employees, Working environment and safety

Vestergaard Company undertakes to exercise social responsibility towards its employees. We dissociate ourselves from any discrimination in employment and occupation, and we attach great importance to the freedom of organisation and recognize the right to collective bargaining.
We want to be an inclusive workplace where every employee is thriving and is given the opportunity to develop and create a good balance between work and private life.

Today, Vestergaard Company is leading in many fields. It is our aim also to become leading in the field of working environment. This means that we shall commit ourselves to working with the working environment at a level which is on par with or higher than that of companies we usually compare ourselves with.

Climate and environment

Vestergaard Companys business affects the environment and the climate both directly and indirectly through the company’s daily operations and through the use of our products.

We aim to reduce power consumption and optimize waste recycling, which will both reduce our operating costs and influence our environmental footprint in a positive direction.

We are constantly working on developing our products, so the environmental footprint of ours Customers also reduce.


Vestergaard Company has extended the climate partnership with DONG in 2015 for another 5 years, regarding procurement of CO2 neutral electricity and CO2 neutralization of natural gas consumption.

Together with the climate partner collected data for 2015, which will serve as a starting point for future CO2 emission targets, waste distribution and water consumption by 2020.

  • Environmental engineering for the future

    Green solutions can increase quality and cost effectiveness

    Peter Haug

    Sales Manager, North American Operations, Vestergaard Company Inc.