Small water service



Small Water Service Unit – SWS/Z-SWS has been developed especially for use at airports servicing commuter traffic, for handlers with relatively low handling frequencies, or as a back-up unit for the larger Water Service Units.

SWS can optionally be mounted on a gasoline-, diesel-, or electrically powered carriage, or optionally on a towable carriage. The aggregate is thus prepared to be powered either electrically or hydraulically from the carriage.

The unit consists a tank with 800 liter capacity. The stainless steel tank (AISI 316) is equipped with a 500mm manhole  providing easy access for cleaning of the tank. A mechanical fluid counter allows for the precise required delivery of water into A/C tank.

Heating (Winter protection):
The unit can optionally be insulated and equipped with a heating device. This option is highly recommended in low-temperature geographical areas.