Small towable water service



The small towable toilet service unit has been developed especially for use at airports servicing commuter traffic, for handlers with relatively low handling frequencies, or as a back-up unit for the larger Toilet Service Units.

Tank section with 800 liter capacity
• 500 liter waste tank & 300 liter water/disinfection tank
• Stainless steel vacuum tank (AISI 304) with 500 mm manhole
• 4” manually operated leakproof dump valve

Vacuum system
• Electric, well-proven, reliable & efficient dry vacuum pump
• Automatic self-cleaning vacuum system, components & tank section
• Continuous high airflow, easily removing blockage and waste
• 4” manually operated leakproof waste inlet valve

• 6.9 kW diesel generator • Short wheelbase for safe and easy maneuvering • Parking brake system • Standard painting in white with a layer of min. 180 µm

Fluid system
• Electric water pump with low-level protection. Appox 100 l/min; max. 3.5 bar • Operator’s panel, easy and intuitive to operate
• Clear hoses showing filling volume
• Resettable LCD display showing water flow to aircraft waste tank

Possible additional options
• Electric option with li-ion battery pack (replacing diesel generator)
• Winterization package
• Ladder for access to aircraft
• Return suction on water hose
• Two working lights
• Box for wheel chocks
• Brackets for fire extinguisher