Towable water service



Tank section with 800 liter capacity
• 800 liter total tank capacity
• Stainless steel vacuum tank (AISI 316) with 500 mm manhole

• Lithium battery, 48V/74 AH/3.5 kWh
• Onboard charger 230/48V/30AH
• Short wheelbase for safe and easy maneuvering
• Parking brake system
• Standard painting in white RAL 9016
• Two working lights
• Fiberglass cover

Fluid system
• Electric water pump with low-level protection.
Approx 90l/min; max. 2.0 bar
• Operator’s panel easy and intuitive to operate
• Level indicator showing Tank volume
• Resettable LCD displays showing water flow to aircraft water tank
• No “dead ends” in fluid System, minimalizing for bacteria growth

Possible additional options
• Winterization package
• Ladder for access to aircraft
• Return suction on water hose
• Box for wheel chocks
• Brackets for fire extinguisher

• Empty tank approx. 1110 kg.