Medium Vacuum Toilet Service



The MVTS provides efficient and compact handling, and is typically selected by small or medium-size ground handling operators, or as a supplementary unit for large airports’ high traffic peaks.

Due to its overall dimensions, the MVTS is extremely maneuverable in narrow areas, but is nevertheless available with high vertical reach (work height up to 4 m (13′)) and is excellent for service of all commuters and narrow body aircraft, as well as most medium-size aircraft.

Powerful vacuum

Ultimate efficiency

Reduced manpower

Time and cost

Compact vehicle

Easy to operate

Unsurpassed lifetime

Uncompromised quality


A user friendly control panel gives the operator a clear view of all the necessary functions. The stainless steel tanks are placed in the centre of the vehicle and are accessible through manholes. The tank can be actively cleaned when dumping the waste through the hydraulic valve.

Fluid system and tank section are fully insulated for winter protection, and optional anti-freeze heater systems are available. To protect the couplings from freezing, a coupling heater can be placed in the basket. The optional steam generator removes ice from the aircraft hatch and piping.