Vestergaard Company has launched the e-VTS – our well-known vacuum toilet service unit – in a sustainable version on a fully electric 9 t chassis. The first version is equipped with a 40 kwh lithium-ion battery with enough capacity to drive up to approximately 50 km and operate for approximately 12 hours. Also available with 60 or 70 kwh battery.

The benefits of using the Vestergaard Vacuum Toilet Service units are reduced time and costs of operation as well as reduced aircraft maintenance.

The e-VTS can fulfill just about any customers’ preferences and specific needs, able to service any aircraft type, in any airport environmental conditions.

Waste and vacuum systems are virtually maintenance free. Tanks and vacuum systems are self-cleaning. Integrated flushing systems automatically cleans all relevant components/systems.

The Vestergaard electrical chassis is based on standard industrial, electronic components, which are thoroughly tried and tested.

With the e-VTS operators can now operate equipment in closed gate areas with zero emission and no small particle pollution – it is even possible to service aircraft in closed hangars. Furthermore, noise is practically eliminated as there is no need for engine idle on the ramp.