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Elephant® Sigma Aircraft Washer



Based on its well-established, firm technical base in the Vestergaard Elephant® family of aircraft de-icers, the Vestergaard Elephant® SIGMA Aircraft Washer is produced especially for servicing smaller to medium-sized aircraft.

The Vestergaard Elephant® SIGMA Aircraft Washer is available for customers with a specific need for aircraft washing. Using the components and systems from de-icing systems that have already proven themselves over the years, the Elephant® Aircraft Sigma Washer is a unique, purpose-built truck, providing customers with reliable and efficient aircraft washing capability.

The Core features

Highly competitive price

Reliable and efficient

Medium-sized aircrafts

Service smaller sizes


Fast onboarding

Self-propelled chassis

Rotating fly-jib

Aircraft Washing

In line with a classical Vestergaard “virtue”, the unit is built on a standard, commercial chassis from a renowned telescope loader manufacturer, with a sturdy diesel engine and hydrostatic drive, allowing for world-wide, easy access to spare parts and servicing. The unit is very compact and highly manoeuvrable in crowded apron environments and can be delivered in either one or two-man operation.

With the one-man operation options the entire unit can be operated – and driven – by the operator in the basket, using joystick controls conveniently located in the basket. The basket has ample capacity for two persons, as it is rated for 205+ kg.

The rotating fly-jib boom system allows the operator to cover a horizontal width of more than 6 metres, meaning that re-positioning operations during washing can be minimized. Highly compact in dimensions, and yet with a tank capacity of up to 3000 litres, the unit has considerable washing capacity,

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