Elephant® My Aircraft Washer



When fuel efficiency and appearance are important to your organization, then keeping your aircraft washed regularly is necessary. Vestergaard Company has developed an open-basket aircraft washer based on the very successful Elephant MY deicer (7-800 in use around the world).

The aircraft washer has a specially designed basket with soft safeguards and optional protection systems for safe driving and maneuvering.

The washer can be delivered with a separate detergent tank and a mixing system. Optionally you can also choose to have a heater and of course it can be delivered with one-man operation.

The Elephant MY Aircraft Washer can be delivered on a Volvo diesel chassis or on the Vestergaard e electrical chassis.

The Core features

Based on the Elephant® My

Proven and reliable

Unique, purpose-built truck

Providing efficient aircraft washing capability