Elephant® MEW Hi-lift Mine Equipment Washer


An Innovative Multipurpose Washer

The Elephant® Hi-Lift Mine Equipment Washer (MEW) is a new all-in-one mobile solution for the mining and infrastructure industries, improving safety and reducing wash time.

A unique and purpose-built vehicle taking washing capabilities to unmatched heights.

Utilizing the components and systems from washing and de-icing systems that have already proven themselves over the years, the Vestergaard Elephant® MEW provides customers with reliable and efficient washing capability.

Hot Water & High Pressure System

Equipped with a total of 7,600 liter capacity tanks for water and detergent and an onboard heating system, the Elephant® MEW is ready to clean within minutes of arrival at temperatures from ambient to 95 degrees.

Cleaning of equipment is conducted with efficient, high/low pressure spray guns in the basket or at ground level, by up to two trained operators at the same time.

High reach and manpower efficiency

Rotating at it’s base, the unique boom system provides a versatile operating range with smooth proportional movements.

With a working height of up to 15 meters (approx. 49 feet) the Elephant® MEW can easily access difficult parts of most large assets previously difficult to reach, allowing for more jobs to be conducted

The Elephant® MEW is easy to maneuver and can be operated by one or two persons ensuring maximum manpower efficiency.

Minimal setup time

Compared to traditional methods, the Elephant® MEW requires minimal set-up time

No outriggers are required and no cables or hoses need to be dragged manually. The Elephant® MEW is simply driven to the asset onsite ready to undertake washing.

The unit is built on a chassis from a world-renowned manufacturer and the Australian Road approval allows for efficient sharing of the vehicle between sites.

Safety first

Designed to match Australian mining standards, safety and certifications has been of highest priority.

Distance and movement sensors as well as installed cameras for enhanced visibility provides excellent safety during operations, and the basket affords operators a safe working environment.