The Elephant® MY



The design of the  Elephant® MY is based on Vestergaard Company experience and technology proven reliable over the years. The Elephant® MY is built on a standard truck chassis and can be equipped with a vast array of options to increase its efficiencies while still keeping it simple.

The core concept of the ELEPHANT® MY is to provide the customer with a highly efficient, but yet relatively compact deicer, which can be configured exactly to meet specific requirements, for example in terms of work height, tank capacity, tank configuration, heating system, one-man operation and many other operational features. It is extremely easy to operate, highly manoeuvrable, and has a small turning radius. Moreover, the Elephant® MY can double as an aircraft washer.


The unique boom system – rotating at its base – provides a very wide operating area with smooth and proportional movements as well as great versatility. The advanced boom suspension system provides an almost vertical lifting movement improving stability and a horizontal reach at all work heights.

Boom and fluid systems are powered hydraulically by a variable displacement pump mounted directly on the chassis engine, eliminating the need for an auxiliary engine.
The inherently flexible design also allows the deicer to be based on the chassis brand which the customers prefer.

The Core features

Diaphragm pumps

Minimize fluid degradation

Heating systems

Highly efficient

Open Basket

Most versatile

Technical hotline

Uncompromised service