The Elephant® BETA



The Elephant® BETA provides customers all over the world with highly efficient, reliable and safe deicing. The extended telescope reduces application time and minimizes movement around the aircraft. The longer telescope also reduces glycol usage.

The original design and unsurpassed quality of the Elephant® BETA guarantees the greenest approach, lowest expenses per operation and ultimate flexibility in serving any type of aircraft.

The core features

High reach and large operating range

Reduced operation time and fluid consumption

Nozzle maneuverability

Faster operation and able to spray backwards

One-man operation

Manpower efficiency

Hot at Nozzle System

No preheating is necessary

12-metre long telescopic boom

Operating the unique telescopic spray boom, the nozzle can be kept within one meter of the aircraft surface throughout deicing operations, for virtually any aircraft. The Elephant® BETA boom extends to a maximum length of 12 m / 39’ (optional 14 m / 46’) and provides a nozzle reach of 21 m / 69’ (optional 22,6 m / 74’) which extends the operational area with more than 40%

The nozzle’s unique maneuverability allows backwards spaying towards the operator, enabling wing deicing from the trailing edge of the wing without spraying towards flaps, rudders etc.


Operator’s cabin

All essential information for deicing operations and unit status is displayed on two colour screens. The controls are concentrated in two intelligent joy sticks and with unobstructed view, operators are provided with a first-class ergonomically optimized work environment.

The deicer can be easily switched between two-man and one-man operation mode from the operator’s cabin.

Deicing demonstration