Glycol Recovery Vehicle (GRV)


Developed to handle the important task of minimizing environmental impact of spent deicing fluid

Vestergaard Company’s Glycol Recovery Vehicle (GRV) has been developed to handle the important task of minimizing environmental impact of spent deicing fluid.

The GRV is a specialized vehicle to efficiently collect slush and water containing spent deicing fluid. The vehicle also collects sand and gravel spread on the apron/ramp. Collecting deicing fluids efficiently helps protect the environment and can form the basis for recycling the glycol.

Efficiency and low maintenance

The GRV sweeps up water/slush into a trough and moves it to the tank by screw conveyors. The screw conveyors are robust and very efficient, so no vacuum is needed. Broom suspension is especially designed to optimize surface contact and extending the lifetime of the brushes ensuring low maintenance.

Easy, safe and clean

The hopper is specially designed for liquid, containing snow and sand. With a sloped tank and a bottom outlet of 300mm, dumping can be easily done without leaving the operators cabin. An easy, safe and clean job for the operators.

Low fuel consumption

Fuel consumption of the Vestergaard GRV is reduced over 50% compared to conventional vacuum sweepers. The consumption is kept low as the GRV has no need for auxiliary engines and thus requires less energy.

Light weight, fast and maneuverable

Not needing a vacuum fan and an auxiliary engine the GRV is light weight making it possible to offer a capacity of 12,000 liters on a single rear axle chassis with a short wheelbase. The result is a vehicle which is both fast and very maneuverable.