Elephant® e-Mini MY Lite


Vestergaard Company has launched the e-Mini MY Lite – our well-known smallest aircraft deicer – in a sustainable version on a fully electric 12 t chassis. The first version is equipped with a 40 kwh lithium-ion battery with enough capacity to drive up to approx. 30 km and up to 15-20 deicing operations on one charge.

The Elephant® e-Mini MY Lite is a simplified, off the shelf version of the
traditional Elephant® MY introduced especially for servicing smaller to medium-sized aircraft. Either as a supplement to add flexibility to existing de-icing operations, or as the back-bone de-icer for airport operations,
frequented by aircraft types of up to, and including, Boeing 757/767.

The aim of the e-Mini MY Lite is to make quality deicers for servicing smaller to medium-sized aircraft available at lower cost. The e-Mini MY Lite is a 4,000 liter version with two tanks designed for operations using premix type I fluid for deicing and pure type II/IV for anti-icing.

The Vestergaard e-chassis is based on standard industrial, electronic components, which are thoroughly tried and tested. The e-Mini MY Lite can be equipped with either a diesel or electric heater for fluid.

With the e-Mini MY Lite operators can now operate equipment in closed gate areas with zero emission and no small particle pollution. Furthermore, noise is practically eliminated as there is no need for engine idle on the ramp.