Press release: Vestergaard Company launches industry leading optimization

December 21, 2020

Vestergaard Company is pleased to announce One Man Drive for the new Elephant® MY Lite Open Basket Deicing unit.

Based on customer request and industry feedback, our renowned One-Man drive is now available for the MY Lite open basket deicing unit.

Brock Crocker, Country Manager North America, offered, “Vestergaard has been producing one man deicing trucks since the early 1980s. This One-Man Drive option available for MY Lite customers continues to show our commitment and deep understanding of our customer needs, and supporting their continued success, especially in our current and challenging economic environment.”

As an additional value-added feature, One-Man drive can be added to MY Lite units currently in use world-wide at customer request.

The option of One-Man offers the value-added feature of reduced labor cost to assist in maintaining service contracts with extremely low operational costs.

The MY Lite was released as a cost-effective option for operations in smaller or remote regional airports where high quality, extremely low maintenance cost and 99% reliability are critical requirements to meet end user demands.

For more information, please contact:

Peter Haug, or (1) 303 564-7905

Vestergaard Company designs, produces and services airport equipment based on advanced technology. The Vestergaard product line sets the standard for quality, functionality and durability in the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) industry, primarily supplying: Deicing Systems,Vacuum Toilet Service systems, Water Service Systems and Aircraft Washing Systems.

Vestergaard Company, December 21st, 2020