Press release: Vestergaard Company introduces Electrical Chassis

October 8, 2019


Vestergaard Company is launching a fully electric 12 t chassis able to carry a number of GSE applications, e.g. water and lavatory. The first version is equipped with a 40 kWh lithium-ion battery with enough capacity to drive up to 50 km and operate for approximately 12 hours.

The electrical chassis is based on standard industrial, electronic components, which are thoroughly tried and tested. The unit can be equipped with a fully-enclosed cabin with heat and air-condition, or it can be delivered without doors in an open-configuration.

The unit comes with an on-board charger, which depending on the power available in the airport can charge the battery fully in 4-9 hours. The unit also has a plug for fast-charging which can charge the battery to 80 per cent capacity in 60 minutes. Optionally, customer can choose a range extender with a gasoline generator that charges the battery.

With an electric chassis, operators can now operate equipment in closed gate areas with zero emission and no small particle pollution. Furthermore, noise is practically eliminated, as there is no need for engine idle on the ramp.

“Introducing a fully electric chassis is part of our overall CSR-strategy and our goal of carbon-free ramp handling by 2030” says Stefan Vestergaard, CEO of Vestergaard Company

The new electrical chassis will go into full operational testing in five airports over the coming Winter.