Press release: Vestergaard Company announces ambitious climate goal

October 10, 2019

Vestergaard Company is bringing a new and ambitious goal to inter airport Europe this year of being able to supply fully sustainable and CO2-neutral equipment by 2030.

The first two true ”green” solutions on this journey, which are presented at the exhibition, are a new fully electrical chassis for water and toilet service units and a plug-in hybrid version of our iconic Elephant® BETA deicer, which will be the first of its kind on the market.

The electrical chassis is fully electric with capacity of 50 km driving range and up to 12 hours of operation on a single charge. The Hybrid BETA-deicer will with a fully-charged battery be able to deice 15-20 aircraft without starting the chassis engine.

”The environmental challenges in the world are unequivocal and in recent years airports across the world have accepted their role and share of the challenges. Many airports have initiated environmental strategies and have put forward specific goals for making their airports sustainable and CO2-neutral within specific timelines. Vestergaard Company wants to be part of the solution for environmental challenges in airports and we will latest in 2030 be able to supply solutions that enable our customers to operate fully sustainable and CO2-neutral. We are already now developing and investing in electrical solutions for our equipment and at the same time working on minimizing the energy consumption in operation.” says Stefan Vestergaard, CEO for Vestergaard Company, and continues ”Our deadline is ambitious but we feel that it is realistic. Some of the technology needed does not exist yet, and the update of both infrastructure and regulations in the airports is massive. Nevertheless, we are determined that we shall achieve our ambition.”