Press release: Vestergaard Company, and Lejre Municipality join forces to increase interest in vocational education

December 14, 2023

Vestergaard Company, and Lejre Municipality have signed a partnership agreement to get more elementary and middle school students interested in the opportunities for various career trajectories in vocational education.

Lejre Municipality wishes to prepare the students for future education and Vestergaard Company has an interest in getting more proficient skilled workers in Lejre Municipality. The agreement between the partners includes initiatives such as representatives from Vestergaard Company visiting all schools in the municipality at least once a year and more internships at Vestergaard Company distributed across the entire school year.

In addition, a yearly education and career fair will be hosted by Vestergaard Company. At the fair, all manufacturing companies in the municipality can participate with a booth. At the same time, educational counselors from the vocational schools participate to inform and guide the students about the different educational opportunities offered by the vocational schools. All 8th-grade students from the municipality, their parents and teachers are invited to the fair.

“Preparing our students to choose an education and future career in the best way possible is a very important task. That’s why we are so pleased to sign this partnership agreement with Vestergaard Company. Together, we hope to be able to spark interest in vocational education, which is important to our future,” says Tina Mandrup, Mayor of Lejre Municipality.

“In a time where many are trying to win the students’ favor, we hope that by showing what a vocational education can be used for, we can get more people to choose this path. We hope that we can help by creating both attention and increased interest in the many types of jobs that a manufacturing company offers. Naturally, it could benefit us and other companies in Lejre Municipality, but also others employing skilled workers,” says Stefan Vestergaard, Managing Director of Vestergaard Company.

Earlier this year, Lejre municipality received Ørneprisen (The Eagle Award) for being the municipality with the largest increase in students choosing vocational education in Denmark.