Press release Precise Positioning System PPS

October 1, 2013

New Vestergaard feature: Optimal deicing spray distance saves money

At inter airport 2013 Vestergaard Company will present the new patented Precise Positioning System – PPS.
Deicing is achieved through thermal transfer of heat to contamination on the aircraft surfaces. It is a fact of nature that the shorter distance heated fluid has to travel from nozzle to surface the less of a temperature drop. Vestergaard now launches a system which helps keep the nozzle within one meter from the aircraft surface, the patented Precise Positioning System – PPS.
Precise Positioning System – PPS works with proximity sensors at the end of the telescope on the Elephant BETA. The operator selects the desired distance to aircraft on the touch screen and then the system maintains the selected distance throughout the deicing process. The operator now mostly has to concentrate on removing any contamination. Savings potential of the semi-automation offered by PPS helps clients save significantly both in fluid use and in time spent.
Vestergaard has always been at the forefront of innovative solutions within deicing helping clients save money and minimizing the impact on the environment. The PPS is the latest in a series of innovations to reduce fluid use. Elephant BETA deicers use 30-60 per cent less fluid on similar jobs compared to other manufacturers – test results done by thirds party available upon request.
Vestergaard Company A/S is a Danish, family-owned company, established in 1962, with a turnover of approximately €75 million ($100 million). There are more than 1,100 Vestergaard deicers in operation the world over and the company also produces a series of water and lavatory service vehicles.
At inter airport 2013 in Munich Oct. 8th-11th 2013, Vestergaard Company is exhibiting in the outdoor area on stand B60, where the PPS will be on display.


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