Press release: Jesper Lok new chairman of the board

September 18, 2019

After 17 years as Chairman of Vestergaard Company, Peter Langkjær has decided to retire his position. During Peter Langkjær’s tenure, the company has grown from a turnover below 200 MDKK to well over 800 MDKK and a staff of over 300.

The new Chairman of the Board is Jesper Lok, who has been on the board as a member for about a year. Jesper Lok has extensive experience from other boards, e.g. Dagrofa, J. Lauritzen, Santa Fe, Post Nord, Esvagt and Danish Crown, plus organisations such as Unicef.

Furthermore Jesper Lok has a long career in Maersk and a number of large CEO positions on his curriculum, including DSB (Danish State Railways). Svitzer and Falck Emergency.

Vestergaard Companys board consists of Jørgen Frost, vice-chairman, Frida Vestergaard and Tais Clausen other than Jesper Lok.

Vestergaard Company, 18 September 2019