New Vestergaard success: Three new, large operations added to the Data Transmission System network

November 6, 2013

Vestergaard Company has added three new, large operations to the Data Transmission System (DTS) network.

This year N*ICE, the deicing operator at Frankfurt Airport, has fitted all its 58 Vestergaard Elephant® units with DTS. This job has just been completed. British Airways is in the process of fitting their 24 units with DTS, and AéroMAG 2000/United Airlines in Newark Liberty International Airport will have DTS on the 10 units that are being delivered there in the next couple of months.

The aviation industry requires more and more documentation for all safety related actions. This certainly also applies to de-icing/anti-icing operations.

For 25 years, Vestergaard has offered the Data Transmission System tracking data related to deicing operations such as time, aircraft, location, fluid consumption, fluid temperatures, weather, operator, refractive index values, and truck performance. Most new vehicles are now sold with this system.

According to Rasmus Jakobsen, IT engineering manager with Vestergaard Company, the DTS customers especially benefit from saving time on both operations and administration: “The DTS logs information about the deicing so the operator doesn’t have to spend time making these notes in a log book between the deicing sessions. This saves time, so the operator can go straight to the next deicing operation. Both the deicing unit and the deicing pad are better utilized. Ultimately this optimization could remove the need for an additional deicing pad.

The company’s administration also saves time as they don’t have to manually process all the deicing jobs. It is also a clear benefit from the DTS that they have access to statistics from the operations. The sum of benefits gained makes the DTS more and more attractive to our customers, which we definitely also experienced at the recent inter airport fair in Munich where we had a live demonstration of the system”, says Rasmus Jakobsen.

The Vestergaard DTS logs any kind of data, that – when analyzed – also will introduce e.g. predictions of required maintenance and service as well as optimization of operations. The DTS can be delivered with new deicing units as well as retrofitted on existing Vestergaard units. The DTS has also been fitted with success on vehicles from other manufacturers.

Vestergaard Company A/S designs, produces and services airport equipment based on advanced technology. The Vestergaard product line sets the standard for quality, functionality and durability in the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) industry, primarily supplying deicing systems, Vacuum Toilet Service systems, Water Service systems and Aircraft Washing systems.

Vestergaard Company November 5th 2013