New GSE Expo Europe 2022

April 8, 2021

Vestergaard Company will not participate in inter airport Europe 2021. Instead we are thrilled to announce our involvement in the launch of the new GSE Expo Europe – organized by the GSE community for the GSE community!

Premiering at the Paris le Bourget exhibition complex about 10 kilometers outside Paris 13-15 September 2022 the new GSE Expo will be a GSE focused and cost-effective event showcasing GSE innovation, products, and services.

Going forward the GSE Expo Europe will take place in the even years in Europe, opposite the US based International GSE Expo which will take place in the odd years.

Lars Barsoe from Vestergaard Company says: “We are excited about this change. Transformation comes out of one of the worst crisis in our industry’s history. Inter Airport was moved to November, which would be very challenging for outside exhibitors, and this just accelerated our wish to take matters into our own hands. Own hands here are defined as the large manufacturers of GSE. We look forward to having the event in Paris Le Bourget – home of the Paris Air Show and an active airport.”

Behind the new GSE Expo Europe are a larger group of IAEMA members in partnership with the industry renowned Ground Handling International.