New Glycol Recovery Vehicle (GRV)

March 2, 2020

Vestergaard Company constantly strive to develop our product portfolio to benefit both the environment as well as operations in airports worldwide.

The latest step in our product development is a Glycol Recovery Vehicle (GRV), which has been developed to handle the important task of minimizing environmental impact of spent deicing fluid.

The GRV is a specialized vehicle to efficiently sweep up and collect slush and water whilst at the same time also sweeping up sand and gravel spread on the apron/ramp.

Operating without the use of vacuum makes the GRV light weight, fast and maneuverable. Not needing auxiliary engines to operate the GRV requires less energy which minimizes costs and means less impact on the environment.

The GRV is currently going through a test phase with in selected airports worldwide. After tests and modifications we hope to be able to offer the GRV unit to customers late 2020.

Please reach out to our Sales department if you have questions or would like more information.