Why become an apprentice with Vestergaard Company?

Vestergaard Company develops and produces high-tech equipment for the aviation industry, including aircraft deicers, which help to ensure both aircraft and passenger safety when there is snow and frost on the planes in the airports.

The company has green values and wants to make a real difference in making the servicing of aircraft in airports more sustainable!

When it comes to apprenticeships, Vestergaard Company is both dedicated and ambitious. We are approved for apprentices in a wide range of areas and in the long term we want to take in even more apprentices than we do today.

We take pride in supporting our apprentices and, for example, if an apprentice wants to participate in the annual “Skills”-competition, this is also something that Vestergaard Company supports.

If you want to make a difference – and at the same time get a quality education, then maybe an apprenticeship with Vestergaard Company could be just right for you!


We are currently looking for talented apprentices to join Vestergaard Company, in the following positions:

Unsolicited apprentice applications

If we do not at the moment have any apprentice vacancy for exactly the position you are dreaming of, you are always welcome to send us your unsolicited application. The application must contain information about your qualifications, the position you would like to apply for, and your resume.

Skullebjerg 31

4000 Roskilde


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