Happy New Year 2020

December 23, 2019

Soon we will have another year. Another decade, even!

It is always with a mixture of excitement and a wistful feeling that we say goodbye to the old year; But what year it has been for Vestergaard Company!

Our customers have once again shown us huge confidence and invested in our products. We are so excited to be able to re-deliver to good, well-known customers and just as excited about having delivered to many new customers in 2019.

Once again, Vestergaard Company has produced more units than before in a year and we have welcomed the opportunity to purchase a new piece of land next to our existing area in Roskilde, where we have already built a new parking hall and during 2020 will expand our production area.

Over the course of 2019, we have introduced several product news to live up to our announced CSR goal of being able to deliver carbon neutral ground support equipment in 2030. Two of the latest news are our electrical chassis for toilet and water service as well as our hybrid BETA deicer. The new products will now be tested with customers and we are working undeterred on fine-tuning the solutions and will continue development work to be able to offer our customers carbon neutral equipment as soon as possible.

Yes, 2019 has truly been an exciting year and fortunately there is a lot of exciting news for the coming year as well, so with a good gut feeling, we wish you all a good and successful 2020!

We look forward to seeing all of you out there in 2020. Remember to follow our social media channels for updates on our products and events.