Proportional mix


Deicing fluid blending technology

With Proportional mix the focus is on glycol mitigation, allowing operators to deice safely with a fluid blended to the necessary freezing point utilizing the least allowable amount of glycol.

Proportional mix is now the benchmark for aviation industry standards in glycol mitigation during deicing operations. It was developed in detail utilizing technology, automation and decades of operations experience from our customers. Proportional mix is designed to assist deicing operators in achieving an impeccable aircraft deicing safety record while at the same time reducing bottom line costs in deicing operations.

Currently, with conventional deicing systems, operators select a deicing fluid mixture strength that is based on the lowest projected temperature during the deicing operation (in some cases the entire season). Until now these practices were the only way operations could ensure that safety standards were not compromised.

With Proportional mix the operator can deice with a fluid blended to the freeze point (safety buffer included) utilizing the least allowable amount of glycol during the actual weather conditions.

Temperature-controlled fluid freeze point

The Proportional mix deicing fluid blending system will automatically adjust the freeze point of the deicing fluid in accordance with the Outside Air Temperature (OAT). The Proportional mix system then delivers a blended deicing fluid with a freeze point that correlates with the OAT and the required safety buffers, as recommended in relevant AEA and SAE standards.

Experiences and reported fluid savings

A critical objective of Proportional mix is ensuring the accuracy of the blend ratio, independently of the fluid flow rate. The accuracy of both the fluid blend ratio and the flow rate for each fluid has proven to be better than ± 1%. Of major importance is also the system’s reaction time to change fluid freeze points. The Proportional mix system can change the freeze point of the deicing fluid within 0.5 seconds.
This Vestergaard Company system has been in operation since 1989. The reliability of the system is unsurpassed. More than 100 deicing units are in operation with the system installed, and the feed-back reports have been nothing but excellent.
Actual fluid savings have depended on traffic, precipitation, temperature, and other variables, but savings up to 50% over conventional deicing fluid blending systems have been consistently reported.

The reliable deicing fluid blending system

As with all Vestergaard Company equipment, all necessary measures have been taken in designing, developing testing, and double-testing to ensure that the Proportional mix system performs flawlessly in the harshest environments. Operators can rest assured that the system is effective, efficient, and operates at the same high level of serviceability which our customers have come to expect from ground service equipment manufactured by Vestergaard Company.