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Batch Heating


The purpose of the batch heating option is to ensure that hot fluid is available immediately after refilling with cold fluid. The tank which contains the fluid to be heated is subdivided into a larger tank section and a smaller batch section. The standard Vestergaard heater will heat the batch section first, and as the temperature rises, a valve ensures that the larger tank section is gradually heated as well. For a premix ADF, this allows for response times – from filling of cold fluid to spraying with heated ADF – of about 15 minutes for the Elephant® My or even 2-3 minutes for the Elephant® Beta.

When configured so the deicer has built-in purpose designed fuel combustion heating sources – with an extremely high efficiency. This means that the fluid’s maximum temperature in the ordinary case will be reached within 20 to 40 minutes – dependent on the heater capacity, tank volume, and initial temperature.

Batch heating considerably shortens the time required for obtaining hot fluid – ready for the de-icing.

The batch tank is a smaller section within the main tank. The content of the batch tank section will be heated first – in order to reach spraying temperature within a very short time. This will automatically open a valve to the larger tank section the content of which consecutively will be heated.

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