Improve performance and reduce aircraft de-icing operations costs

After years of proven in-field performance, Vestergaard now offers the hydroustastic drive to improve performance and reduce aircraft de-icing operations costs.


Improved driving system

The de-icer chassis has been modified with a special gearbox in the drive train. This gearbox accommodates the hydrostatic drive and the working hydraulics. The hydrostatic drive gives exceptionally smooth driving, which is so important to any safe deicing operation, and allowing for a one-engine truck configuration, thereby minimizing fuel consumption and maintenance. At the same time, this solution always provides the possibility – just by flicking of a switch – of driving in manual-drive mode, allowing the unit to be driven at normal road speeds. This eases transfers, and quick long-distance re-positioning.

Mechanical drive mode for road  travel via the truck gearbox. hydraulic components are at a standstill.

Hydrostatic drive mode for aircraft deicing.