Vehicle Diagnostic System (HMI)


The Vestergaard Vehicle Diagnostic System provides an easy overview of operational vehicle status and locates areas for action. The system is a tool for technicians, for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes; but can also be used for remote assistance from Vestergaard service technicians.

The Vestergaard Vehicle Diagnostic System consists of two displays. The display is a pressure sensitive touch screen, which means the system can also be operated wearing gloves.

The Vehicle Diagnostic System is structured as an icon-based menu system working with the colors:

  • Gray (not activated)
  • Green (enabled within the measurement area)
  • Red (error or outside of the measurement range).

In addition to the color indicators, the updated system (2018) also provides the possibility to view more parameters at the same time, making troubleshooting easier.

The system is accessible from any device supporting WIFI, as the display can create a local network and is – of course – password protected. In case of an error, the user is guided through the system to locate the error. A red icon will indicated the area of the error. If activated this icon will lead the user deeper into the system and continue through the underlying menus until finally locating the component or value with the error.