Semi-automatic sampling system


Previously the legal requirement for fluid samples from deicing operations has required a separate process of spraying fluid in a test area, manually obtaining a fluid sample, labelling it, testing it or making a sample for storage.

With the semi-automatic sampling system for the Elephant® BETA aircraft deicers, the operator can begin the actual deicing operation and from a button on the touch screen display in the operator’s cabin initiate a sample, which will be taken and stored in the sampling compartment on the side of the deicer. When done with deicing operations the operator can open the compartment, label the sample container with the corresponding sample number generated by the system and send it for test or storage if required.

The semi-automatic sampling system has the following advantages:

  • Easy sampling initiated from cabin
  • Saving operator time (only one person needed for sampling)
  • Very low fluid consumption (sample taken during de-icing)
  • No wet gloves from nozzle testing
  • No safety hazards during sample collection

The system is now available for purchase as an option for all new Elephant® BETA aircraft deicers.

The system will also be ready for retrofitting from ultimo 2019 depending on unit type.