Data Transmission System (DTS)


Record and document information on deicing operations

The general trend at airports has been a continued requirement for more and more documentation for all actions, and this applies to deicing operations as well.

The Vestergaard Data Transmission System (DTS) is the most advanced option to record and document information on deicing operations. The DTS provides a wide range of options, from the very basic, to the highly advanced, offering the possibility of recording a number of data in addition to the deicing data. The DTS can be equipped with GPS allowing a central control of all units.

With the DTS, it is possible to record and document all relevant information on performed deicing operations. The DTS may assist in virtually any required electronic form or format to meet the customers’ specific demands.

In its most basic form, fluid selection and consumption are recorded and can be either documented on a print-out (by truck-mounted printer) or transferred to a memory stick for later processing. Further the deicing truck(s) may be linked to a central computer by radio link, wireless LAN or by cell phone (GPRS).

The operator’s panel is located in either the operator’s cabin or the cabin of the truck, as required by the customer. It may consist either of a very simple unit, merely allowing the reading of fluid counters, or of a touch-screen interface, enabling the operator to record a number of data in addition to deicing data, such as aircraft reg. no., flight no., operator etc. It is also possible to add modules for two-way communication to the DTS system, thus enabling the deicing coordinator to use the system for unit allocation purposes, and/or to feed the system with information from the airport dispatch system.

Vestergaard configures each DTS system to suit customers’ specific requirements. Let us know what they are, and we will suggest the DTS you need, in any language required.

DTS Dashboard

The new DTS Dashboard feature is to give the users of the DTS system access to an easy and graphical overview of their de-icing operation(s). The dashboard is an extra service offered to DTS customers and customization is possible for an additional fee.

Benifits of the dashboard is easier communication of statistics and results to all levels in the organisation. Use of the dashboard makes it easy both to present a quick basic overview of all activities and also to drill down in the data using the dashboard as a daily management /operations control tool for e.g. a de-icing manager.

The first version of the dashboard is available as an extra feature in the existing PC-based DTS system, but an App for mobile media is planned.