Exceeding customer expectations and providing options for a greener future

October 7, 2021

Based on the customer ambitions with goals of a carbon neutral future, Vestergaard Company is engineering green solutions.

With the development and launch of the e-BETA, the world’s first electrically operated deicing unit, challenges are met to achieve both short term and long-term goals.

Customers are dedicated to meeting carbon neutral goals in the short term but pending installation of infrastructure to power green GSE is creating a strain on the industry’s goals of a carbon neutral future.

Vestergaard’s e-BETA is the solution. When infrastructure is in place, the unit can be charged fully electric thru a power cable, but in cases where a ground cable is not (yet) available, the e-BETA allows customers the option to power the unit with the domain engine. The engine can recharge the onboard battery system for electric operation. These options allow customers to adapt to specific airport situations.

The Kalmar TBL 190 E towbarless pushback tractor was designed on the same concept. The TBL190 can be used as pushback tractor, or for maintenance towing to handle the CRJ to 777X range of aircraft. The TBL 190 can be built in an all-electric battery model, or hybrid with on board GPU for aircraft power and battery charging.

The Vestergaard e-VTS is a fully electric lavatory service unit built on a Vestergaard chassis and designed to operate with exceptional reliability in the most extreme climates.

All models are on display at the GSE show in Las Vegas and have been capturing a lot of attention.

Please take the time to come and visit with us at booth #OS290 to see what we have to offer.