Danish Exporter of the Year 2019

March 11, 2020

Vestergaard Company is proud to be amongst the three finalists to the title, as Danish Exporter of the Year 2019.

The prize recognizes a company that excels on export markets through both innovative products and production techniques.

At Vestergaard focus has always been on optimizing both the finished product and the production process. Over the past year, three new products have been brought to market, an in-house developed electrical chassis for airport service vehicles, a hybrid version of the iconic Elephant BETA aircraft deicer, and a glycol recovery vehicle, which closes the product-recycling circle.

Using Vestergaard’s products, our customers at the airports worldwide spend fewer working hours, and use less fuel and less de-icing fluid during operations, which benefits the environment.

In Vestergaard’s Production, the focus has been on LEAN for several years. Through LEAN we have successfully optimized our production processes without compromising the high quality of the products!

The award ceremony for Danish Exporter of the Year takes place on 26 May 2020 in Copenhagen.