Vestergaard Elephants

Why are the ELEPHANTS® Called elephants?

Many have asked us over time, why the Vestergaard deicers are called Elephants. What is the story and who came up with the idea?

Well opposite to what you may think was actually neither Godtfred Vestergaard nor a Vestergaard employee who came up with the name ELEPHANT® for the deicers.

A costumer, we were working with in the 1980s, mentioned that he thought our deicers resembled an elephant, and when you think about it, it is true:

  • Our ELEPHANT® deicers are equipped with long booms that spray out fluid, which could resemble an elephant trunk spraying water
  • The boom is equipped with antennas; which could look like elephant tusks
  • and the body of the deicer, the truck, could resemble an elephant’s body.

Vestergaard had to agree with the customer, that our deicers indeed resemble an elephant, and accordingly, our deicers have since then had the name ELEPHANT®.

The ELEPHANT® name is actually trademarked and many concider an ELEPHANT® to be a synonym for a deicer!