Our mission

Improving airside operations around the world through safe, clean and innovative equipment

Mission statement

Vestergaard is a manufacturing company which designs, produces and services airport equipment based on advanced technology. The Vestergaard product line sets the standard for quality, functionality and durability in the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) industry.

Our engineering department continually performs ongoing product research and development. New leading edge technology is assigned a high priority in order to provide our customers with state of art equipment that is both efficient and reliable for the environment which it was designed to operate in. Continuous product improvement and support is one of our engineering department’s most important goals. Quality and functionality are the primary objectives of Vestergaard. Product quality must ensure a durable, stable and reliable operation. Functionality provides efficient operation with regard to both economic and environmental aspects. The daily business operations at Vestergaard are conducted in ways that aim at minimizing the environmental impact. Manufacturing processes are utilized to reduce the use of raw materials. Product design incorporates technologies that will reduce energy consumption and the use of resources over the product’s life cycle.