October 7, 2021

Based on the customer ambitions with goals of a carbon neutral future, Vestergaard Company is engineering green solutions.

With the development and launch of the e-BETA, the world’s first electrically operated deicing unit, challenges are met to achieve both short term and long-term goals.

Customers are dedicated to meeting carbon neutral goals in the short term but pending installation of infrastructure to power green GSE is creating a strain on the industry’s goals of a carbon neutral future.

Vestergaard’s e-BETA is the solution. When infrastructure is in place, the unit can be charged fully electric thru a power cable, but in cases where a ground cable is not (yet) available, the e-BETA allows customers the option to power the unit with the domain engine. The engine can recharge the onboard battery system for electric operation. These options allow customers to adapt to specific airport situations.

The Kalmar TBL 190 E towbarless pushback tractor was designed on the same concept. The TBL190 can be used as pushback tractor, or for maintenance towing to handle the CRJ to 777X range of aircraft. The TBL 190 can be built in an all-electric battery model, or hybrid with on board GPU for aircraft power and battery charging.

The Vestergaard e-VTS is a fully electric lavatory service unit built on a Vestergaard chassis and designed to operate with exceptional reliability in the most extreme climates.

All models are on display at the GSE show in Las Vegas and have been capturing a lot of attention.

Please take the time to come and visit with us at booth #OS290 to see what we have to offer.

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    April 8, 2021

    Vestergaard Company will not participate in inter airport Europe 2021. Instead we are thrilled to announce our involvement in the launch of the new GSE Expo Europe – organized by the GSE community for the GSE community!

    Premiering at the Paris le Bourget exhibition complex about 10 kilometers outside Paris 13-15 September 2022 the new GSE Expo will be a GSE focused and cost-effective event showcasing GSE innovation, products, and services.

    Going forward the GSE Expo Europe will take place in the even years in Europe, opposite the US based International GSE Expo which will take place in the odd years.

    Lars Barsoe from Vestergaard Company says: “We are excited about this change. Transformation comes out of one of the worst crisis in our industry’s history. Inter Airport was moved to November, which would be very challenging for outside exhibitors, and this just accelerated our wish to take matters into our own hands. Own hands here are defined as the large manufacturers of GSE. We look forward to having the event in Paris Le Bourget – home of the Paris Air Show and an active airport.”

    Behind the new GSE Expo Europe are a larger group of IAEMA members in partnership with the industry renowned Ground Handling International.

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      February 25, 2021

      Press release, 25 February 2021, Edinburgh

      Menzies Aviation, the global aviation services specialist, today announces its trial of the Vestergaard Elephant® e-BETA, a new electrically operated de-icing unit, at Oslo Airport. This is the first trial of its kind in Europe, and the second globally, marking a significant step forward in ground handling sustainability, with initial tests indicating that using the electrically driven Vestergaard Elephant® e-BETA will reduce greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides, by 87% per truck each year.

      Menzies Aviation and Vestergaard Company’s partnership on this trial results from their long-standing relationship, with Menzies currently operating 11 Vestergaard rigs as part of their de-icing fleet at Oslo Airport, one of the world’s busiest de-icing hubs. Menzies Oslo’s expert team of over 40 de-icing specialists have provided de-icing services since 2016, dealing with complex, large-scale operations and performing more than 5,000 turns over a typical season between the months of September to May, making Menzies the ideal partner for the trial of this innovative equipment.

      Vestergaard Company is a frontrunner when it comes to sustainability within ground handling and its goal is to offer a fully sustainable version of its product line for performing CO2 neutral ground handling operations by 2030. The electrically operated Vestergaard Elephant® e-BETA is a critical part of this journey, reducing environmental footprint by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

      This trial complements Menzies’ ‘Go Green’ project, established in Oslo in 2018, through which Menzies has made significant investment into reduced-emissions ground handling equipment to reduce its carbon footprint, with 90% of ramp equipment replaced with modern, electric units last year. Should the trial be successful and the Vestergaard Elephant® e-BETA rolled out, 97% of Menzies’ Oslo-based ground support equipment would be electric.

      Thomas Hoff Andersson, Vice President Northern Europe, Menzies Aviation, said:We’re proud to be working with Vestergaard Company to pioneer this sustainable ground handling solution, which builds on the progress achieved through our ‘Go Green’ project. The successful trial of this electrically-driven de-icer promises to bolster not only the sustainability of our de-icing operations at Oslo Airport, but the sustainability of the industry at large.”

      René Laebel from Vestergaard Company, said: “For us, Menzies has been an obvious choice of partner in testing the new sustainable unit, as both a global company and a good and trusted customer of ours over the years. Menzies Oslo provides extensive de-icing services during the challenging weather season and is committed to building more sustainable ground handling operations, so we have a common interest in the success of the new unit.”

      Ole Petter Storstad, Director of Airport Services for Avinor, Oslo Airport, said: “Avinor has a goal that its own operations at Oslo Airport will be fossil-free by 2030. We are therefore pleased that our partners are working in the same direction and have a green focus when they further develop their services.”

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        December 22, 2020

        We are extremely excited that Aéro Mag is testing our first electric powered Elephant® BETA deicer in Montreal.

        This BETA is the world’s first electric powered de-icing truck and Aéro Mag annonces the testing as “A testament to Aéro Mag’s commitment to safety, operational efficiency, innovation, and ecology.” and “A part of Aéro Mags strategic vision to be a carbon-neutral company by 2035.”

        With a fully charged battery the electric Elephant® BETA deicer can deice 10-15 aircraft without running the truck’s chassis engine.

        Le nouveau camion d'Aéro Mag en train dégivré un avion

        The Elephant® BETA is equipped with an OEM lithium-ion battery, which is charged either via an on-board charger or via a generator on the PTO of the chassis diesel engine. Electric motors run movements, spraying and low-speed maneuvering around the aircraft with diesel engine turned off.

        “A full charge takes 2-6 hours and then you can operate for 8-12 hours. Using the efficient BETA we save both time and fluid. And looking at it from the environmental aspects test results for the electric version of the BETA so far show a CO2 reduction of 87%!” says Mario Lépine, president of Aéro Mag.

        Aéro Mag is a private international company based in Montreal, specializing in aircraft de-icing, management of de-icing centres, and de-icing product recycling.

        Aéro Mag provides complete aircraft de-icing services on the international stage, from de-icing installation design, to operations management, to IT integration.

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          December 21, 2020

          Vestergaard Company is pleased to announce One Man Drive for the new Elephant® MY Lite Open Basket Deicing unit.

          Based on customer request and industry feedback, our renowned One-Man drive is now available for the MY Lite open basket deicing unit.

          Brock Crocker, Country Manager North America, offered, “Vestergaard has been producing one man deicing trucks since the early 1980s. This One-Man Drive option available for MY Lite customers continues to show our commitment and deep understanding of our customer needs, and supporting their continued success, especially in our current and challenging economic environment.”

          As an additional value-added feature, One-Man drive can be added to MY Lite units currently in use world-wide at customer request.

          The option of One-Man offers the value-added feature of reduced labor cost to assist in maintaining service contracts with extremely low operational costs.

          The MY Lite was released as a cost-effective option for operations in smaller or remote regional airports where high quality, extremely low maintenance cost and 99% reliability are critical requirements to meet end user demands.

          For more information, please contact:

          Peter Haug, peter.haug@vestergaardcompany.com or (1) 303 564-7905

          Vestergaard Company designs, produces and services airport equipment based on advanced technology. The Vestergaard product line sets the standard for quality, functionality and durability in the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) industry, primarily supplying: Deicing Systems,Vacuum Toilet Service systems, Water Service Systems and Aircraft Washing Systems.

          Vestergaard Company, December 21st, 2020

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            March 11, 2020

            Vestergaard Company is proud to be amongst the three finalists to the title, as Danish Exporter of the Year 2019.

            The prize recognizes a company that excels on export markets through both innovative products and production techniques.

            At Vestergaard focus has always been on optimizing both the finished product and the production process. Over the past year, three new products have been brought to market, an in-house developed electrical chassis for airport service vehicles, a hybrid version of the iconic Elephant BETA aircraft deicer, and a glycol recovery vehicle, which closes the product-recycling circle.

            Using Vestergaard’s products, our customers at the airports worldwide spend fewer working hours, and use less fuel and less de-icing fluid during operations, which benefits the environment.

            In Vestergaard’s Production, the focus has been on LEAN for several years. Through LEAN we have successfully optimized our production processes without compromising the high quality of the products!

            The award ceremony for Danish Exporter of the Year takes place on 26 May 2020 in Copenhagen.

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              March 2, 2020

              Vestergaard Company constantly strive to develop our product portfolio to benefit both the environment as well as operations in airports worldwide.

              The latest step in our product development is a Glycol Recovery Vehicle (GRV), which has been developed to handle the important task of minimizing environmental impact of spent deicing fluid.

              The GRV is a specialized vehicle to efficiently sweep up and collect slush and water whilst at the same time also sweeping up sand and gravel spread on the apron/ramp.

              Operating without the use of vacuum makes the GRV light weight, fast and maneuverable. Not needing auxiliary engines to operate the GRV requires less energy which minimizes costs and means less impact on the environment.

              The GRV is currently going through a test phase with in selected airports worldwide. After tests and modifications we hope to be able to offer the GRV unit to customers late 2020.

              Please reach out to our Sales department if you have questions or would like more information.

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                December 23, 2019

                Soon we will have another year. Another decade, even!

                It is always with a mixture of excitement and a wistful feeling that we say goodbye to the old year; But what year it has been for Vestergaard Company!

                Our customers have once again shown us huge confidence and invested in our products. We are so excited to be able to re-deliver to good, well-known customers and just as excited about having delivered to many new customers in 2019.

                Once again, Vestergaard Company has produced more units than before in a year and we have welcomed the opportunity to purchase a new piece of land next to our existing area in Roskilde, where we have already built a new parking hall and during 2020 will expand our production area.

                Over the course of 2019, we have introduced several product news to live up to our announced CSR goal of being able to deliver carbon neutral ground support equipment in 2030. Two of the latest news are our electrical chassis for toilet and water service as well as our hybrid BETA deicer. The new products will now be tested with customers and we are working undeterred on fine-tuning the solutions and will continue development work to be able to offer our customers carbon neutral equipment as soon as possible.

                Yes, 2019 has truly been an exciting year and fortunately there is a lot of exciting news for the coming year as well, so with a good gut feeling, we wish you all a good and successful 2020!

                We look forward to seeing all of you out there in 2020. Remember to follow our social media channels for updates on our products and events.

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                  October 10, 2019

                  Vestergaard Company is bringing a new and ambitious goal to inter airport Europe this year of being able to supply fully sustainable and CO2-neutral equipment by 2030.

                  The first two true ”green” solutions on this journey, which are presented at the exhibition, are a new fully electrical chassis for water and toilet service units and a plug-in hybrid version of our iconic Elephant® BETA deicer, which will be the first of its kind on the market.

                  The electrical chassis is fully electric with capacity of 50 km driving range and up to 12 hours of operation on a single charge. The Hybrid BETA-deicer will with a fully-charged battery be able to deice 15-20 aircraft without starting the chassis engine.

                  ”The environmental challenges in the world are unequivocal and in recent years airports across the world have accepted their role and share of the challenges. Many airports have initiated environmental strategies and have put forward specific goals for making their airports sustainable and CO2-neutral within specific timelines. Vestergaard Company wants to be part of the solution for environmental challenges in airports and we will latest in 2030 be able to supply solutions that enable our customers to operate fully sustainable and CO2-neutral. We are already now developing and investing in electrical solutions for our equipment and at the same time working on minimizing the energy consumption in operation.” says Stefan Vestergaard, CEO for Vestergaard Company, and continues ”Our deadline is ambitious but we feel that it is realistic. Some of the technology needed does not exist yet, and the update of both infrastructure and regulations in the airports is massive. Nevertheless, we are determined that we shall achieve our ambition.”

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                    October 9, 2019

                    Vestergaard Company has an ambition to provide cleaner and greener deicing. The Elephant® BETA deicer has been around since the early 80’s and continues to be a workhorse in major airports around the world. Vestergaard Company now introduces a plug-in hybrid version of the iconic deicer.

                    With a fully charged battery, the new plug-in hybrid deicer will be able to deice 15-20 aircraft without running the truck’s chassis engine. All is run electrically.

                    “The push has been on for a long time at environmentally-conscious airports”, notes Stefan Vestergaard, CEO of Vestergaard Company, “ We took on the challenge at Vestergaard to explore possibilities to reduce emissions in deicing and we believe that we have at the same time found significant economical savings for our customers using this new technology”.

                    Technically, Vestergaard Company has equipped the Elephant® BETA with an OEM lithium-ion battery, which charges either via an on-board charger or via a generator on the PTO of the chassis diesel engine. Electric motors run movements, spraying and low-speed maneuvering around the aircraft with diesel engine turned off.

                    Operators can drive to gate areas using the truck’s diesel engine, turn off the engine and perform the deicing jobs. Without the diesel engine, small particle pollution is all but eliminated from gate areas and noise levels are reduced. The operator can drive short distances between gates using the electric motor.

                    Likewise, on remote pads, the operator can use the diesel engine to drive to the pad, then shut off the engine and continue to perform deicing operations using only the electric motors and the battery.

                    Fluid is heated with diesel in the current version, however, as soon as the desired temperature is reached, the heater turns off, and temperature drop is only about 1 degree Celsius per hour. In future versions, larger battery capacity will enable heating without diesel.

                    Come see the revolutionary new plug-in hybrid Elephant BETA on the Vestergaard inter airport outdoor stand G30

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