June 16, 2021

Viggo is a Dutch provider of ground-handling services. The company started at Eindhoven Airport, where Viggo has been responsible for ground handling for almost 50 years as the sole operator.

Throughout all these years, the keywords for Viggo have been quality and safety. All services are performed with both time and quality in mind, which is important for airlines, airport employees, and passengers.

In recent years, Viggo has distinguished itself as a very active player in the environmental arena. The mission is clear: To be the privately-owned ground handler with the most sustainable, secure and ergonomic GSE fleet in Western Europe by 2023.

In March 2021, Viggo expanded its business to include the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, where Viggo now handles all ground handling for Transavia. Like Viggo, Transavia and the Schiphol Group focus seriously on sustainability. The ambition and mission are for Schiphol to be a zero-emission airport by 2030.

At Schiphol, Viggo’s operations are already being performed as sustainably as possible. By way of example, all gate pushbacks are performed by electric vehicles, flight stairs are powered by solar panels, and luggage carousels and luggage cars are also electric. Moreover, Viggo has invested in mobile battery-powered units available for aircraft that require connection to land-based power. And as an extra sustainable initiative, all Viggo processes are paperless.

Recently, Viggo entered into a collaboration with Vestergaard Company, whose vision of sustainability and goal of supplying CO2-neutral equipment by 2030 matches Viggo’s desires for zero emissions. Initially, Vestergaard Company has delivered two water service units and two toilet service units to Viggo, all fully electric. Viggo has appointed Vestergaard Company as its preferred supplier of water service units and toilet service units. The Dutch company will monitor Vestergaard’s future sustainable development of the rest of the portfolio for additional investments, e.g. electric deicers.

At present, Viggo is the only ground handler worldwide with a 100 % zero-emission fleet of water service units and toilet service units. Viggo’s fleet is part of an almost complete zero-emission fleet throughout Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Vestergaard Company is happy and proud to be able to make a positive contribution to Viggo’s and Schiphol’s journey towards zero emissions.