Working with Global Goals at Vestergaard Company

June 28, 2023

Vestergaard Company A/S supports the UN global goals and believes that the global goals can catalyze the industry’s sustainable development.

We decided to work with the four global goals where we believe that we can make the most significant difference:

Global Goal 4: “Quality education”. The employees and managers are the company’s most important resources. Our local efforts are directly related to this global goal. Vestergaard Company offers good opportunities for personal and professional development with internal courses and offers for further education for all categories of employees.

Global Goal 8: “Decent work and economic growth.” Safety is, of course, the absolute top priority in aviation. Our top priority is to support a good and safe working environment for our customers. Our goal of guaranteeing that our equipment in operation will not be involved in an accidental incident or accident after 2030 thus contributes to the safety at airports. Likewise, our efforts internally at Vestergaard Company contribute to ensuring job satisfaction and a safe and secure working environment.

Global Goal 9: “Industry, innovation and infrastructure”. Global Goal 9 covers, among other things, sustainable industrialization and the promotion of innovation. With our development of products both in terms of electrification and automation, we can influence the industry in a more sustainable and innovative direction.

Global Goal 12: “Responsible consumption and production”. When our production increases, our footprint on nature and climate will also increase. Therefore, we constantly strive to minimize this footprint in relation to the products and raw materials we buy, our own production and the footprint which our products leave with the customer.

This year, we replaced Global Goal 7 “Affordable and clean energy” with Global Goal 9, as we believe that Global Goal 9 is more appropriate for our work with innovation and the electrification of our products.

The global goals are interconnected, and with our efforts in the four areas, we will probably also be able to affect more of the 17 global goals.