June 28, 2022

Canadian Aero Mag has been a customer of Vestergaard Company for many years. Aero Mag specializes in the planning and executing of deicing operations for customers at airports in North America and the United Kingdom.

With over half a million completed deicing operations, Aero Mag emphasizes sustainability with a focused strategy called ”Recover/Recycle/Reuse”.

Used deicing fluid is recovered and transported to a recycling plant, where the fluid is refined back to its original state, recertified as deicing fluid, and reused for new deicing jobs. The vision is to collect and recycle fluid at all 17 airports where Aero Mag operates. So far, fluid is collected at five airports and treated in one plant. The effort results in an annual environmental saving of 200 tonnes of CO2.

“It is our goal to minimize our environmental footprint as much as possible. Both because it makes sense for all of us to pass on a better world to the next generation, and, very importantly, because it makes good sense financially,” says Gabrielle Lepine, director and co-owner of Aero Mag. “The price of raw glycol has almost tripled over the last year, so recycling is becoming an increasingly interesting process”.

Aero Mag has long worked to become known as the most efficient deicing operator. The company can now boast of being the most environmentally friendly operator.

In 2020, Aero Mag was the first deicing operator in the world to test Vestergaard’s e-BETA. After a successful test, Aero Mag has now invested in e-BETAs for several stations.

Aero Mag2000 is Vestergaard Company’s largest single customer, and Vestergaard has supplied most of the deicing fleet as well as a glycol recovery unit. The two companies have been partners for more than 20 years.