June 15, 2022

Vestergaard Company considers sustainability in the entire value chain of our products. We thus also focus on our subcontractors contributing to the green transition. In the coming years, we will expand the mapping of our CO2 emissions to include scope 3, including CO2 emissions from our subcontractors.

One of Vestergaard Company’s long-standing subcontractors is Engskov Maskinfabrik A/S, a small company in Ringsted that produces large, processed items in iron and steel and assists us with advice on machining and metal constructions. As a subcontractor to Vestergaard, Engskov Maskinfabrik delivers, among others, the frame construction for the machine room, boom parts and the boiler for our products.

As a producer of steel items, Engskov Maskinfabrik has already started mapping scope 3 emissions. With Vestergaard’s ambitions to map this area, it makes sense to examine Engskov closely. Of Engskov’s total CO2 emissions, scope 3 accounts for approx. 83%, where purchases of steel and iron make up a considerable part of its climate accounts. Jes Gravesen, CEO of Engskov
Maskinfabrik, says that steel can be recycled many times and offers exciting opportunities for sustainable solutions in the future.

In addition to supplying high quality, sustainable solutions and green transition are also of great importance to Engskov Maskinfabrik. According to Jes Gravesen ”… there is a moral obligation in considering future generations. We must take part in the global responsibility in the green transition. Vestergaard is among those of our customers who will increasingly demand sustainable solutions from its subcontractors.”

Engskov Maskinfabrik wants to be ready for the expected pressure and increasing customer demand in regard to sustainable solutions. Morten Lindgren, CFO of Engskov Maskinfabrik, emphasizes that focus on sustainability is “a must to be part of the game in relation to customers and what is in demand”.

Engskov Maskinfabrik also considers the green transition a competitive parameter and a way the company can attract young people and the future workforce.