Focus on apprentices

June 29, 2023

When it comes to apprentices, Vestergaard Company is both dedicated and ambitious. We have become approved for apprentices in a wide range of professional areas,  and in the long term, we want to take on even more apprentices than we do today.

Well-educated apprentices become skilled employees when they receive the proper training based on a well-developed training plan, the right working conditions, the appropriate support, and the right incentives in the form of a good apprentice salary, good teamwork, and social events.

At Vestergaard Company, we have a dedicated training coordinator who, in collaboration with e.g. the municipality and the vocational schools in our local area, ensure that young people enrolled in education learn about the opportunity to become an apprentice at Vestergaard Company.

Within the last year, Vestergaard Company has prepared a new training plan towards 2025/26, wishing to take on more apprentices/students to reach min. 10% of our employees in our workshop undergoing training. This also includes adult apprentices and employees moving from unskilled to skilled employees based on training agreed upon.