Commitment to Community and Empathy

July 4, 2024

At Vestergaard Company, we take immense pride in our core values of community spirit, inclusiveness, and empathy. These values were recognized when we in 2023 received the Lejre Municipality Inclusivity Award. This prestigious award honors local businesses that prioritize creating inclusive workplaces, focusing on the retention and integration of employees who might otherwise struggle to find employment.

CEO Stefan Vestergaard encapsulates our philosophy well: “Everyone has equal worth. It’s simply about identifying the role where an individual’s potential can be unlocked—whether it’s a new hire who needs additional support to find their place in the workforce, or a seasoned employee who can no longer perform their longtime job and needs a new path. Our company is committed and eager to make this happen.”

For over 60 years, Vestergaard Company has been committed to inclusivity. This dedication is evident in the numerous success stories of employees who have found purpose and fulfillment through our various initiatives. We have welcomed refugees and set an ambitious goal to ensure that by 2026, at least 10 percent of our production staff will be apprentices or interns. Moreover, we employ a diverse range of workers under conditions tailored to their unique abilities.

Life can present unexpected challenges, such as accidents or illnesses, but these do not diminish a person’s value in the workplace. As Stefan Vestergaard puts it, “It just means we might need to find a different role. It’s not a burden; it’s a privilege to help someone find the right fit.”

The Inclusivity Award, given to companies that go above and beyond for individuals facing challenges in entering the labor market, is a testament to our efforts. Over the years, Vestergaard Company has continually delivered inspiring narratives about employees who have found meaning and value in their work through our support and guidance.

In summary, our company’s long-standing success in fostering inclusivity is due to the incredible willingness and commitment of all our employees to do what is right. Vestergaard Company remains dedicated to creating a workplace where everyone can realize their potential and find their rightful place.